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2019 International Asian-Jewish Conference conference with additional special tribute to colorful India

The 7th Asian-Jewish Conference conference held on 10, April 2019 was engaged with various colorful interdisciplinary topics concerning culture and tradition, Literature and religion and mainly focusing on the Judaism and Asia perspective. The speakers at the Conference presented their latest researches in comparative theological topics, histories of Jews and Jewish communities in Asia and their beliefs, and the reception of the Bible in China, as well as a talk about Mahatma Gandhi, India and the Zionist Movement ties. The book review panel was engaged with the recently published volume “Dharma and Halacha; Comparative Studies in Hindu-Jewish Philosophy and Religion”. The book was presented by its co-editor, Dr. Ithamar Theodor who is the conference co-organizer as well. The long discussion day ended with a festive gala celebrating colorful India in its beauty of authentic music and dance presented by the talented Israeli performers. Deputy Ambassador of India Mrs. Muanouii Sayawi honored the event with her presence.

In her welcome speech, Dr. Danielle Gurevitch, Chair of the Centre welcomed the scholars gathered and emphasized how important the study of India is for the Centre.  Following the academic conference took place a cultural event presided by Prof. Moshe Lowenstein, Vice President of Bar-Ilan University and Mrs. Maunpuii Saiawi, Indian Counsellor and Cultural Attaché who was happy to receive a copy of “Dharma and Halacha”. Following the speeches by the dignitaries, there was a concert by Israeli Bansuri player Ofra Avni and Guitar player Izik Yona, as well as a dance performance demonstrating three classical India dancing styles, Katak, Odishi and Kuchipudi, performed by leading Israeli dancers Ayala Lev, Dinor Elstar and Yael Tal-Notea. As one of the 250 guests summarized; it has been a great conclusion to a thoughtful conference. 

The Sir Dr. Naim Dangoor Centre for Universal Monotheism
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