MOU and academic collaborations

The Sir Dr. Naim Dangoor Centre for Universal Monotheism

BIU with the support of the Dangoor Centre signed MOU collaborations with the following universities and research centers:

  • CAS (Chinese Academy of Science)
  • Zhengzhou University (VP Prof. Qianhong Zhang is our BIU International Alumni chairperson)
  • NJU (Nanjing University)
  • SDU (Shandong University)
  • BFSU (Beijing Foreign Studies University)
  • SISU (Shanghai International Studies Uni)
  • SISU (Sichuan International Studies Uni)
  • SYSU (Sun Yat Sen University)
  • TFSU (Tianjin Foreign Studies University)
  • HENU (Henan University)
Official delegation from Guangzou
Official delegation from Guangzou
Agreement signing with Shandong University
Agreement signing with Shandong University

At present, there are eight Chinese universities offering Israel studies and the demand for additional study programs at other universities is growing every year. The Chinese view the Jewish people as being very smart, and admire Israel’s ability to produce courageous, creative startups, and innovative intellectual leaders that stand out in the global arena. Chinese scholars are likewise perceived by Israelis as hard workers and fast learners who are committed to success and possess excellent teamwork skills. This mutual appreciation and respect are a central factor for building solid foundations with potential collaborations.

The Sir Dr. Naim Dangoor Centre for Universal Monotheism
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