CFP: Special Book Series Issues on “History of Ideas”

The Sir Dr. Naim Dangoor Centre for Universal Monotheism

Call for books contributions including original translations to Hebrew and interpretation to a special issue of “History of Ideas” series.

The Sir Naim Dangoor Centre for Universal Monotheism at BIU in cooperation with “Graff Publishing house” established a unique intellectual book series entitled under “Graff-Academic” section. The first book series to be produced, entitled: “The History of Ideas” seeks out works of literature that echo a national historical narrative globally.

The carefully selected books in the series are divided into thematic categories and present a range of disciplines shared by all peoples and cultures in search of signs, feelings, customs and beliefs that led to the development of national ideals which underpin the idea of a universal humanity; from preserving the past to shaping the future (futurology). The series’ foundations will be based on a multi-disciplinary combination of poetic-historical observation enmeshed with comparative cultural reading, through rigorous academic and research in specific and distinct topics consistent with the centre’s rationale.

The intention is to encourage active researchers in the humanities, who work in fields with the potential for significant impact to serve as cultural agents and to aid them in bringing their important research into public awareness.

The book series production project’s three primary aims:

To make the relevant narratives accessible to students, as well as for the preservation, distribution and study of founding works and masterpieces of literature before they are forgotten or become unknown to the public or go unpublished for budgetary reasons.

To provide a platform for a comprehensive critical-cultural theory of general knowledge on contemporary issues, as well as for new and interesting fields of knowledge in public discourse.

To offer a platform for developing understanding, bridging cross-cultural rifts and disputes, and inter-cultural and international collaboration in the constantly changing global village.

History of Ideas” Series (TBP 2020-2022) Publisher: Rani Graff,; Chief Editor of “Graff Academic”: Dr. Danielle Gurevitch; Members of the academic council: Prof. Yoav Elstein (BIU), Prof. Elana Gomel (Tel Aviv University & Stanford) , Prof. Nir Kedar (BIU & Sapir College) .

Books to be Published 2019-2020 Love (France) On Knights, heroes and forbidden loves: the stories of Marie de France; narrative and interpretation (Danielle Gurevitch) Tolerance (India) On The weakness of human judgment: What the West can learn from the East? (Daniel Sperber)

Books to be Published 2021-2022 Reconciliation (Japan) On Buddhism and world Peace Memory (China) On Memory and forgetfulness Identity (China) On Ethnic identity in a changing reality   Freedom (Israel) On Gender, liberty and self-determination Resistance (Algeria) On Resistance and bravery

The Sir Dr. Naim Dangoor Centre for Universal Monotheism
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